What Our Social Media Managers Can Do For You

#2M Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency. Powered by our skilled social media managers, we provide end-to-end social media marketing for both small businesses and large enterprises in North Texas.

Why Should You Invest In Social Media Marketing?

These days, almost everyone in the United States is online, with social media becoming the go-to source for everything from news to entertainment. Marketing, too, has shifted to the digital sphere.

If you’re not online and not on social media, your brand is virtually non-existent to a massive demographic. So don’t miss out on potentially hundreds and thousands of customers – harness the power of social!

Here’s what a social media marketing agency like #2M can do for your business:

Build Brand Awareness

Like we said, pretty much everyone is online these days, with about 3.8 billion people on social media! This makes social media a reliable, cost-efficient platform for building brand visibility. In fact, 52 percent of brand discovery online happens on social networks. With strategic, well-maintained social pages in today’s most popular platforms, you can reach top-of-mind awareness in your niche.

Drive Website Traffic & Sales

With a strong social and search engine presence, along with an engaged audience, you’ll have infinitely more chances of users coming by your website. And predictably, more traffic turns into more sales!

Establish Stronger Relationships

Social media has allowed brands to reach their customers in ways we’ve never seen before. With thoughtful, consistent, and engaging content, brands can make their audiences feel valued, listened to, and important. This leads to more trust and loyalty in your brand.

The Power Of Social

84% of internet users are on social media | 140 million businesses are on Facebook | Average time spent on social media each day: 2 hours and 24 minutes | 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram


What We Do Differently

At #2M, we do social media marketing a little differently. Here’s what you can expect from a #2M social media manager:

Keep A Finger On The Local Pulse

Whether your business is based in Texas, Oklahoma or anywhere else in the United States, our social media managers keep an ear to the ground when it comes to local trends and events. If you’re a small business with a strong local following, you’ll always stay relevant and connected to your community. If you’re a bigger business, you’ll never lose sight of local markets even as you branch out to the rest of the country.

100% Organic, Homemade Content

We’re creatives at heart. We have a solid team of graphic designers, videographers, and content creators. That means we don’t have to rely on outsourcing jobs for your branding and content needs. We do everything in house – making it possible for us to deliver consistent, quality materials for your social feeds.

Our Social Media Marketing Solutions

Strategy & Social Listening

What does the social media landscape look like for your brand? What are your audiences into? And what are similar brands doing to keep their audiences engaged? Our social media managers review where you're at socially and build a plan to elevate your performance online. We also take the time to listen in on what people are saying about you, including your competitors and the industry overall.

Content Creation

We can create different kinds of content to suit each social platform, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube. From custom graphics to video series, our team of talented digital content creators know exactly what each page needs to reach and engage the right customers.

Community Management

A social page is more than just a page for announcing new products and upcoming events. It's an avenue for audiences to connect with your brand, vent complaints, and even search for community in like-minded consumers. Our team of community managers are trained to put a human touch into all of our work, fostering a more welcoming and engaging community for your target market.

Social Media Advertising

Don't wait for audiences to search for your page. Generate a large following by making sure your brand is visible to the right people. Through targeted sponsored Facebook posts, Instagram Story ads, and the like, we can help you reach receptive audiences.

Google My Business

We don't just do social media management, we take care of your search engine performance as well. With a Google Business Profile, users can easily find your site through Google Search and Maps. We keep your profile updated with photos, contact details, and links to your site, as well as manage messages, promos, and more.

What Else Can We Do?

The Search For The Best Social Media Manager For Your Business Is Over

Strong, strategic, and data-driven social media marketing can change the face of your business. As a small business with a finger on the local pulse, we know exactly what it takes to tap into local audiences and eventually scale up to find and engage larger audiences. Let us guide you towards social media success, whether you’re an auto repair shop, real estate agent or horse sales – email or call us today!

We like to get to know you and make your marketing fit you and your business.

In today's digital landscape, online marketing has become an integral part of running a business! If you’re branding is weak, you’re losing out on thousands of potential customers. Based in Texas, Miracle Man Marketing #2m aims to revolutionize your online presence. We offer a myriad of services that cover everything from web design to social media campaigns. Our ultimate goal is to boost your customer base and increase company profits. Want to learn more about how we can help your brand flourish?

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